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I’ve just started a Facebook page for this blog in an attempt to generate more interest and discussion. Feel free to check it out here: Diagnosis: Unknown on Facebook and share with anyone you think may be interested.

You will also have the option to message me privately on that page if you so wish. I encourage people to continue to comment here if you are more comfortable, as you can remain fairly anonymous. I know many people use their real names on Facebook so if you are more comfortable leaving comments here, by all means, please do.

Also, I am still looking for favorite relaxation methods for high stress/high anxiety. I hope to compile them on a page for reference.

As always, thanks for reading!


Follow up

As a follow up to my previous post regarding ASMR, I have just come across a video that explains ASMR and goes through many different triggers so you can find out if you can experience those “head tingles” that people in the ASMR community describe and what particular triggers work for you, if any:

Of course, even if you don’t experience the “head tingles” hopefully it will at least be relaxing for you. I find these videos help me sleep.

In other news, my major accomplishment this week was finally getting my medical records sent to a clinic to get approved for a medical marijuana card. This is something I have been meaning to do for about a year, but the cost associated is rather high and sometimes I get a kind of medical fatigue… too many appointments and I get burnt out. Something gets placed on the back burner. Sometimes this is chiropractic appointments, or dental appointments, or whatever. Anything I feel I can spare or put off for awhile gets ignored. This allows me to recoup a little bit, save a little money, de-stress a bit.

I have some hope that with my card I will be able to find some products that will help me with my pain levels at work. I work ten hour shifts (sometimes longer) and work in a high stress position, and to make matters worse, it’s an environment that is purposefully kept cold. Even WORSE, I have had no heat in my house for weeks, including through a very bad freeze and snowstorm, though I survived with a couple space heaters and the work in my house is continuing on… I should have a working furnace again at the beginning of next week. Of course the weather has improved since the freeze a couple weeks ago but still. I am very sensitive to cold thanks to Raynaud’s and my thyroid issue.

Anyway, a friend of mine who is also a cardholder told me about some kind of salve purchased from a dispensary that may help me out a lot. I did also recently get a topical anti-inflammatory/muscle relaxer from a compounding pharmacy that my doctor prescribed for me, but it is expensive and difficult to apply by myself. A guy at the clinic I went to told me this salve has kind of a warming sensation too which could be very soothing for me.  ANYTHING that can be done to reduce my pain and tension would be a life saver for me. I keep feeling like I have tried everything, but there’s always something else. So we’ll see how it works.

On that note, I just have to complain a little bit. I am sure that everyone with any chronic illness has run into the acquaintances who mean well but just kind of continually cause frustration with unwanted medical advice…. or maybe I am just kind of an asshole, I don’t know. I get pretty irritated with unwanted advice in general, I don’t know why but I tend to feel offended even though it is irrational. I realize people just want to help, but after so many years, tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of medical care, I feel I have heard it all. Suggesting I take vitamin D is not exactly groundbreaking advice.

I did, though, find an article I really liked regarding how to understand and interact with people with chronic pain. I feel much of it applies to other chronic illnesses and even some acute ones. I keep sharing this, hoping my friends/acquaintances will at least give it a cursory glance, or other people may find it helpful for the people in their lives if  they also suffer with a chronic illness: How to Understand Someone With Chronic Pain

ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

So, I completely stumbled on ASMR videos on YouTube on accident the year before last and have just started watching/listening to them again for stress  relief and relaxation purposes. If you aren’t familiar with ASMR, it stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. I guess the general idea is this ‘tingling’ sensation some people report when they are exposed to certain stimuli. A lot of the videos on YouTube revolve around whispering or quiet talking, tapping (such as fingernails on various surfaces), crinkling sounds, etc. The tingling sensation and all of that are controversial and not something that has been researched really, but there are certain sounds that do really help relax me.

This was the first ASMR channel I came across: GentleWhispering

Have any of you tried relaxing with videos like this? I also had some luck with guided meditation recordings though I haven’t used one of those in a couple years.

What works best for you? I am always high stress and looking for new ways to relieve stress.