Thyroid dysfunction

This video is long but very important, this is coming from a person who experienced many symptoms but went many years without my thyroid issue being diagnosed, because, as mentioned in this video, my previous doctors only checked TSH instead of  a battery of other tests that would have identified the issue. If you suspect you may have a thyroid dysfunction, please watch this. It mentions symptoms, including swollen tongue (do you see the outlines of your teeth on the edges of your tongue?) and others including fatigue, weight gain, sluggishness, etc. Be your own medical advocate, demand the tests they suggest in the video if you do suspect you may have an issue with thyroid function. It can change your life. My body temperature was only 96 degrees which was an obvious sign something was wrong. My Raynaud’s has been better, I feel like I am a normal person as far as temperatures go now. Still struggling with fatigue for other reasons but this could help a lot of people out. My advice would be to ignore the sales-pitchy sounding free stuff offer and just pick the important info out.


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