I started this blog as a way to seek sort of a support group for people in similar situations. I currently feel incredibly isolated and alone dealing with everything I am saddled with. Right now nothing seems to be helping and I’m not sure where to turn. I suppose I need to talk about how I feel more often, and I have been putting off updating this blog.

My question is what kind of support should I even expect? I expect something out of my significant other, and to a lesser degree my friends, but I can’t even seem to put into words what it is I expect exactly.

How will I ever get what I want if I don’t even know what it is?


4 comments on “Support

  1. karmarat says:

    What I want or need from people changes daily, which seems less than fair. Keep thinking there is going to be a time when I don’t constantly feel frustrated by, well, everything. Hopefully you know I’m here, I hear you.

    • I do, thank you. I was feeling fine until a friend’s struggle reminded me of my own and since then I have just felt myself slowly losing face. Spending time alone today in the sun was a good idea. I am becoming frustrated with my situation all over again. Therapy Monday at least after my injections.

      • karmarat says:

        Empathy and depression go together quite often for me, meaning even my attempts to gain perspective lack perspective! Sigh.

        I’ve been avoiding the “real” support groups, despite increasing pressure from damn near every medical professional I interact with. Have you ever gone to an official support group meeting of any kind?

  2. (for some reason I can’t reply directly to your last comment) I haven’t gone to any kind of in-person support group, wouldn’t know where to find them, it has never been suggested to me. But of course I am so high anxiety that I probably wouldn’t anyway… even online ones I have just lurked because I feel like I don’t “belong” in any of them per se, with my long list of diagnoses…I fit into many of them!

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