How Chronic Pain Has Made Me Happier

How Chronic Pain Has Made Me Happier

Please click the link above to read the article entitled “How Chronic Pain Has Made Me Happier”!

I had some kind of epiphany while reading this! I was skeptical reading the title but surprised at how much I related. I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for five years now. I realized that every time I have traveled solo somewhere new has been since dealing with this pain. I don’t know if I would have ever spurred myself to make decisions without having dealt with this. It seems unrelated, but in reality, I push myself even further now that I struggle. I refuse to settle. I also find myself taking much better care of myself. Part of this is learning to really appreciate what I do have and making myself comfortable without beating myself up over it like I might have before. So on one hand I push myself further to go out and accomplish more, on the other I push myself less to avoid over taxing myself. Sounds strange but it balances out to something where I think honestly I do have a more enjoyable life than before when I was just coasting through day to day. Hard to explain but I related a lot to this article. Maybe someone else out there can relate as well.


3 comments on “How Chronic Pain Has Made Me Happier

  1. Anonymous says:

    Living with unrelenting, chronic pain is difficult to communicate to one’s who are fortunate to not be having to deal with it. Even those who are well aware of the daily struggle, cannot fully comprehend the magnitude of what it is like to try to live with pain. Because those of us who do can function enough to get out of bed, prepare sustenance, clothe ourselves, take on a daily work life, in addition to the myriad of things that we all must do daily outside of our career, in our personal lives, does not mean that life is as meaningful or we are truly living it in a way that we feel nourishes us. I couldn’t agree with you more, that it is a constant struggle…yet one in which I at least, am damned if I will let rob me of health or sanity (!) and prevent me to be fulfilled in everything I wish to partake in. For me, it’s been two years, but I can’t give up either! Funny creatures we are, we persevere and continue to try to attain what we want, what we feel we deserve…regardless of our own personal cost. I think it will be worth it…for me at least…no matter how much pain it costs me! I too have to keep pushing forward…..what’s the alternative really?

  2. Rodney says:

    That is an amazing perspective to have, and absolutely valuable. Thank you for sharing.

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